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As this is a new tournament, rules are currently being written in detail and will be posted here closer to the event. 

Rocket League v1.0

Author: Winbar

Admins: TBC

  • Platform: PC
  • Format: Single Elimination Brackets BO5, Finals BO7
  • Map: DFH Stadium
  • Team Size: 3v3
  • Match Time: 5mins
  • Server: Europe
  • Game Mode: Private Match (team on the left of the match screen hosts the match and selects orange team, team on the right selects blue)

General epic.LAN Tournament Terms & Conditions

Entry Criteria

Players must be registered with a participant ticket for epic.SIXTEEN to take part in this tournament. Registration will close by 10pm Thursday 1st October for teams, players must be signed up to the tournament to participate, an event ticket alone does not guarantee tournament entry.

At least one member of the clan must remain in the internal tournament IRC channel throughout the tournament times.

Voice Communication

Either in-game or externally provided voice communications are permitted, such as Ventrilo, TeamSpeak or Mumble. Note that epic.LAN may not be able to provide these dedicated voice comms resources for all of those listed due to licensing restrictions, clans should be prepared to make their own voice communications arrangements. Locally hosted voice communication tools are recommended.

Servers & Scheduling

All players must be ready in the server at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time unless a match is already in play on your server (in which case, speak to a game admin for further instructions). Any team that is not ready by 15 minutes after the scheduled start time will lose a map in a Best of 5 Scenario, this is to enforce that teams play within the schedule the admins set.

If a team does not have at least 2 players in the server 15 minutes after the scheduled match start, they will forfeit and the opposing team will be awarded the win for that match. If only 2 players are present in the server, the match will begin after 15 minutes.

Continued delays will result in the whole match being forfeited.

Acceptable reasons for missing the scheduled start of a match are:

  • Network failure
  • Server failure
  • Power failure


This is a self-reporting tournament. Team captains should enter results into the epic.LAN tournament system immediately after the event to ensure the tournament runs on time. 

Cheating & Exploits

The use of any forbidden cheat program, hack, exploit or file by any clan member during an epic.LAN will lead to the exclusion of the clan from the tournament and potential dismissal from the event and future events.

The game admins may inspect your machine at any time during the tournament for evidence of cheats or hacks.


No spectators will be allowed to connect directly to the game, with the exception of the game admin team or tournament manager

Teams are advised to screenshot match results.


Under no circumstances are players allowed to stream their own matches. Only sanctioned casters/tournament administrators representing epic.LAN will be allowed to stream.


Servers for the tournament will be passworded by the team hosting the match who will share the password with the second team.

Cancellation of Tournament

epic gaming Ltd. reserves the right to withdraw this tournament should there be an insufficient number of participating teams.

These rules are subject to change. The game admin and tournament team leader decisions are always final.