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Rocket League Briefing

The Rocket League FT briefing is happening now in gallery.

GOTV IPs for Matches

We know there is an audience who would like to keep an eye on all the action that is happening at epic.SIXTEEN.

Here are the following GOTV IPs that you can connect to, to help support the UK CS:GO Scene.

Server 1 -

Server 2 -

Server 3 -

Server 4 -

Server 5 -

Server 6 -

Server 7 -

Server 8 -

Please make sure you watch the stream too which is being casted by Mark "Crossy" Cross & Heather "Naysayerz" Dower on this Twitch Stream.

If you are at the event, please make sure you watch the internal streams provided to help keep the internet ticking over.

Tournament Sign Ups

For all our Tournament members participating in the following tournaments;

  • DotA2
  • CS:GO
  • StarCraft 2

These tournaments have now been closed on sign ups, if teams are still missing members and/or if you have missed signups then please see the admin desk in Fair Isle for further information.

Welcome to epic.SIXTEEN Tournaments

So you've bought your epic.SIXTEEN ticket?

Now it's time to create your teams and sign up to your eSports tournaments right here:

Note that due to potential scheduling clashes, you can only participate in one eSports tourmament during the event. The only exception is with Hearthstone or Rocket League Fun Tournament where you may participate if you have been knocked out of your previous tournament's group stages as it will commence on the Friday Evening/Saturday of the event.